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Pro Yamaha . You will see me mention "Pro Yamaha" throughout this site. What does it mean? What does it take to achieve this distinction? Let's start with some facts;
- There are over 2,500 Yamaha dealers in the United States.
- Less than 10% have achieved this elite "Pro Yamaha, Platinum" designation since this program has been available.

Good Guys Motorsports is very proud to be one of the very few dealers to attain "Pro Yamaha" status in 2009 all the way through 2015! 2015 is the latest year available, our 2016 designation is coming soon.

To achieve this elite designation, we must maintain higher than 92% "Excellent" ratings on all of our CSI Customer surveys for our Sales, Service, and Parts departments. And you thought CSI was only on television! These CSI surveys must be rated "Excellent", not "good" or even "very good". That's a pretty tough standard, and we have hit it! Our current CSI index, at 96.4%, is among the highest in the nation.

These CSI (Customer SatisfactionIndex) surveys are mailed by Yamaha Motor Company, completed and returned by our customers, and are evaluated at Yamaha headquarters in California. That's ON TOP OF following all of the rules and restrictions for dealership operations detailed in the 80-page 3-ring binder shown in the bottom 2 photos! Over 97% of all Yamaha dealers nation-wide failed to meet these strict requirements!

Come see why Good Guys Motorsports consistently rank at the top in the nation for customer satisfaction. Consistently ranked "Pro Yamaha, Platinum".

Dealer score vs National average